Apéndice B. La Carta de Flushing


Carta firmada por Sir Robert Sidney en enero de 1591 y dirigida a William Cecil, Lord Burghley, donde se relata la denuncia interpuesta por Richard Baines a Christopher Marlowe (Marly) y  a Guiford Gilbert.


 (PRO SP 84 / 44 / 60 – Discovered and transcribed by R. B. Wernham, and first published in English Historical Review (1976) Vol.91 pp.344-5)

[f. 60r]       Right Honorable (1)

  Besides the prisoner Evan Flud, I have also given in charge to this bearer my anciant (2) twoe other prisoners, the one named Christofer Marly, by his profession a scholer, and the other Gifford Gilbert a goldsmith taken heer for coining, and their mony I have sent over unto yowr Lordship: The matter was revealed unto me the day after it was done, by one Richard Baines whome also my Anciant shal bring unto yowr Lordship: He was theyr chamber fellow and fearing the succes, made me acquainted with all. The men being examined apart never denied anything, onely protesting that what was done was onely to se the Goldsmiths conning: and truly I ame of opinion that the poore man was onely browght in under that couler, what ever intent the other twoe had at that time. And indeed they do one accuse another to have bin the inducers of him, and to have intended to practis yt heerafter: and have as it were iustified him unto me. But howsoever it hapned a dutch shilling was uttred (3), and els not any peece: and indeed I do not thinck that they wold have uttred many of them: for the mettal is plain peuter and with half an ey to be discovered. Notwithstanding I thowght it fitt to send them over unto yowr Lordship to take theyr trial as yow shal thinck best. For I wil not stretch my commission to deale in such matters, and much less to put them at liberty and to deliver them into the towns hands being the Queens 
[f. 60v] 
subiects, and not required neyther of this sayd town I knowe not how it would have bin liked, especially since part of that which they did counterfet was Her Majesty’s coine. The Goldsmith is an eccellent worckman and if I should speake my conscience had no intent heerunto. The scholer sais himself to be very wel known both to the Earle of Northumberland and my lord Strang. Bains and he do also accuse one another of intent to goe to the Ennemy or to Rome, both as they say of malice one to another. Heerof I thowght fitt to advertis yowr Lordship leaving the rest to their own confession and my Anciants report. And so do humbly take my leave at Flushing the 26 of January 1591 (4)
Yowr honors very obedient to do yow service

  1. Sydney[f. 61v]

Addressed: To the right honorable my lord of Burghley Lord Treasurer of England.

Endorsed: 26 Jan. 1591 (4) Sir Robert Sidney to my Lord. He sendes over by this bearer his Aunteint one Evan Lloyd, and 2 others Christopher Marly and Gifford Gilbert a goldsmithe taken for coynage, to be tryed here for that fact. There hath bene only one dutch shilling uttered, the mettall playne peuter.


(1) To the Lord Treasurer – William Cecil, Lord Burghley.

(2) ‘Ancient’ = ensign.

(3) ‘Uttered’, meaning put into circulation.

(4) 1591 Old Style, 1592 according to our calendar.

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